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Farm Fresh Eggs


Our Eggs

We will have both washed/refrigerated as well as unwashed/not refrigerated eggs available at our farm stand. Eggs are $4 a dozen.

We have a variety of breeds that lay a variety of colors! While we appreciate willingness to recycle egg cartons, we take extra precautions to prevent salmonella. One way we do this is by using fresh cartons for our farm stand eggs.

Free Range Poultry Farm

Meet the ladies!

We have built our flock around a variety of breeds. 


-Olive Egger

-Barred Rock

-Black Copper Maran

-Rhode Island Red

-Red Cochin Frizzle

-White Crested Black Polish

-Golden Lace Polish

-Blue Silkies

-Buff Silkies

Free Range Poultry Farm
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