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Diamond I Silkies

Mini Silky Fainting Goats

Members of the MSFGA since 2022

Clean herd; tested yearly for CAE, CL and JOHNES. Last tested June 2023.


Diamond I Silkies

Our Story

How it all started

In the fall of 2020, one of my freshmen FFA members waltzed into my classroom and said "Hey, I have a goat that would make a great pet for your son!" Shortly after, we welcomed home our first two mini silky fainting goats. We soon fell in love with the sweet nature of this breed, and decided we wanted to start our very own herd. We became members of the MSFGA in 2022, and are slowly building and breeding a sweet group of silkies we absolutely love in the great state of Utah. 

Our herd is young, and we are learning, but we can't wait to see what the future has in store! Thank you for visiting!


Behind the Diamond I

A Family Brand

When we were choosing a name, we wanted something special and meaningful. We decided to take both of our grandfather's brands and combine them into our own. The diamond comes from the Lucas family (Melissa's Grandfather) and the "I" design comes from the Ingram family (Colton's Grandfather). Once the two were combined, Diamond I was born.

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